Garonion Gaye sits in the corner of the Hall of Heroes for Hire strumming his +5 Enrapt Audience Electrick Guitar of Amusement. He winks at you as you enter (not in the way you wink at a lady you'd like to do it with (unless you're a lady reading this right now! Then Garonion Gaye does wink that way) but in a way that says, "I know a secret and I'm going to sing it to you so sit down and buy me a beer" way) and strums his guitar again for emphasis in case you missed him strumming it earlier.

"Sit, my friend and listen to the song of one of Grunionia's most legendary Heroes! Or at least a sort of maybe soon to be Legendary Hero if he doesn't die before then. Will he die? Ho ho! I will not foreshadow that for you! You must listen to my song! Now, where did we leave off?"

The Song of Turf (in many parts)

Chapter One: The Foundation
I. The Heroes Meet
II. Who is Lola?
III. Buster's Secret Secret
IV. Rocko is Mean
V. Buster is Mean Too
VI. LEGObrick's Last Conversation
VII. Money Problems
VIII. Corky is Young
IX. Forms!
X & XI. The Mystery of LEGObrick and Mead
XII. Rocko's World Domination Begins
XIII. The Mission!
XIV. Poo Boy
XIV and 1/2. Who the Hell is Corky?
XV. Buster's Defense for Retardation
XVI. Turf Saves the Bay
XVII. Rocko is Evil & Buster is Gay
XVIII. Rats Are Like Mice
XIX. The First Epic Battle
XX. Corky is Retarded & Buster is Gay
XX1. The Timing is Right
XX2. Buster Zings Rocko
XX3. Is This Porn?
XX4. The Skill Debate
XX5. The Hero Almost Dies
XX6. The Ballad of Dodgin' Dade
XX7. Prayer Attack!
XX8. Karma
XX9. Buster's Super Secret is He is Gay
30. Has The Hero Moved At All?
31. Buster's Future's Not Bright
32. Nobody Knows When to Say Dibs!
33. Buster Mentions Cats
34. Dade is Upset
35. Back to the Cats
36. The Legend of Cocky I
37. Buster Remembers A Sexy Joke
38. Remember the Cyclops?
39. But First!
40. Does Anyone Need Healing, Part I
41. Buster Still Needs Healing
42. Meet Harry The Magick Guy
43. Turf is Stoopid
44. Does Anyone Need Healing, Part II
45. Buster Comes Up With A Linear Plan
46. Nobody Follows Buster's Dumb Plan
47. The Cyclops Cave!
48. The Horrible Hole Song
49. No One Listens to Dade
50. The Farmer In The Hole
51. The Farmer Out Of The Hole
52. More Rats To Fight Thanks To Buster
53. This Should Be Interesting
54. Turf Knows Shit
55. Rocko Thanks Buster
56. Dade Thinks About Being Gay Too
57. Remember Buster's Secret!
58. On The Way To The Cyclops!
59. Buster Still Needs Healing, Part II
60. It's A Trap!
61. Turf's Weakness
62. Rock Around The Block
63. Looking For Mr. Cyclops
64. What Happened To Buster?
65. Buster Misses His Chance
66. Harry Figures Out The Riddle
67. Corky is Broke
68. Harry is Broke
69. Turf Has One Goldoon
70. Turf Acts Like A Monkey
71. Who Has Goldoons?
72. Does Anybody Have Goldoons?
73. Dade Gives In A Little Bit
74. Dade Reminds Them About The Cyclops
75. Harry is Mean & Bad at Math
76. The Hall of Bones
77. Another Epic Battle
78. Ditching Dade
79. Bitching Dade
80. Questions and Answers
81. Rocko Finishes With Buster
82. Whomp!
83. Dade is Still Bitter
84. More Skeletons!
85. Another Mission?
86. Yellowlings Are Ninjas
87. Don't Touch The Key, Dummy!
88. Dade Didn't Want To Fight a Cyclops
89. Does Anyone Need Healing, Part III
90. Religious Debates
91. The Party Gets Along Great!
92. Rocko Experiments
93. Hedwig Is More Useful Than Buster
94. Rocko Cheats
95. Meet the Ratman!
96. Retreat!
97. Who is Tony?
98. Magic Hurts Ratmen
99. Rocko is Yellow!
100. Oh, Now Magick Hurts Ratmen Again
101. Will They Win?
102. No One Finds The Magick Shield
103. Another Epic Fight Again
104. Lizard Guys Have Tough Skin
105. Turf Saves The Day
106. Corky Makes A Bad Deal
107. What is a Hero?
108. The Axe Wielding Maniac Isn't Here
109. Rocko's Dumb Idea To Go Inside A Wardrobe
110. King Sum I, The Mummy
111. Something Exciting Happens
112. Rocko Dreams
113. Day Two
114. Buster Acts Weird
115. Pygmies Means Yellowlandians
116. No Fish
117. Attack of the Bee-Orcs
118. Human Behaviour
119. Violently Happy
120. Big Time Sensuality
121. There's More To Life Than This
122. Hunter
123. Venus As A Boy
124. All Is Full Of Love
125. Cover Me
126. The Bee-Orcs Are Gone
127. Buster Owns A Horse?
128. One Eyed Snakes!
129. It Was His Horse
130. The Last Part Should Have Been Called Buster's Ukulele Is Broken!
131. Who is Griffindor?
132. Someone Dies!
133. Rocko's Corpse Is Raped
134. The Keys Should Break
135. The Voice Is Back
136. Buster's Secret Weakness
137. The Found Kobolds Anyway
138. The Part With The Fish
139. Chapter One Is Over