Alien Research Centre
Aztec Tomb Adventure
Aztec Tomb Revisited
Child's Play
Emerald Isle
Frankie Crashed on Jupiter
Masters of the Universe in Super Adventure
Mindshadow, Part One
Mindshadow, Part Two
The Three Musketeers
The Very Big Cave Adventure, Part One
The Very Big Cave Adventure, Part Two


Grunion Guy's Walkthroughs!

Click on the links to the left if you see the title of a game you can't complete on your own. You can also click on the links to your left if you want to be entertained. Because my walkthroughs are adventures in and of themselves! In fact, if you really need to resort to using my walkthrough, you might get frustrated wading through all of the other nonsense I include! Serves you right, you big dumb dumb!

E-mail me at the address below if you have a request for a game you can't solve. Or if you just want to read a fantastic story by me based on a game you played! I'm a genius, after all!

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