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Dwarf Lover
Dwarf Lover is back after a
six year hiatus!

About the comic.

Eee! Tess Ate Chai Tea!
My blog. It is of intense non-literary value. It is, in a word, bloggerel.

Lyle's Study Guide
The best study guide for the longest running best seller ever. This is by me, Grunion Guy, and not Lyle. I don't remember who he is.
Pickle Boy's Comic!
Written by Pickle Boy
Drawn by Guest Artists (or me!)
Funny? I mean, Funny!

The Grand Afterlife of Richard F Burton
Written by Richard F Burton
Sometimes offensive to modern sensibilities or people who just think being offended equals Critical Thinking.

The True Adventures of Me and Ken
Written by Grunion Guy
Drawn by Grunion Guy
True Memoirs ( which means memories in some fancy pants language).

Grunion Guy's Help Desk!
I've been playing Computer Adventure Games and writing walkthroughs for people who are
too stupid to win the games themselves. Sometimes I'm too
stupid too!

Game Reviews
I've been playing other games too! See what I thought of them so you don't have to think!

 My Stories
Since I'm a Writer, I figured I should have a page with my stories! You should probably read them!
Trollslayer, A Text Adventure
Written and programmed by me!
It's a little taste into what it is like playing The Dwarf Fantasyer Character from the Places & Predators Roller Playing Game.

A Heroick Story
The first Chapter of the Inaugural Places & Predators Playtesting Session has been transcribed! Witness the best Roller Playing
Game ever in action

Old stuff

Pseudo Learning

Crazy Asian Drinks

The Moron Corps

Some Essays

True American History

Astounding Sci-Fi Tales of Horror

Movie Reviews

Reading Rainbow: The Outtakes

Super Ball!


Jan. 2009



The Forum no longer exists because dealing with the same Spammer over and over and over again got tiresome. Fuck you, whoever you were.

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