Part Two
Who is Lola?

The Hall of Heroes for Hire (where all these heroes were gathering and talking) was filled with tables beside benches which were filled with non-player Fantasyers (that means they're not important) drinking strong mead and telling heroick tales. None of them were singing songs. A bulletin board was hung on the wall for people to post notes about looking for Fantasyers to solve whatever problems were probleming them and some posts looking for roommates and some other posts by painters looking for work and a few posts about free kittens. As the heroes chatted and tried to sing and tried to stop the others from singing, a super hot woman with a sexy voice approached and said, "How can I help you?"

"Dragons! I'm looking for dragons!" whispered Turf so that hopefully she wouldn't hear him and actually send him to find some.

"Ask the Hero," squeaked Buster who was busy thinking about what kind of song he could write about the kind of things he would do if he could see the hot chick's naked boobies through a hole in the barn wall.

"Er, eh, umm, hi," stammered Dade Thraid who wasn't Roller Playing his reaction to a hot woman but just speaking like he normally would if approached by a hot woman who said something sexy like, "How can I help you?".

"Seen any?" continued Turf from that last part about the dragons.

"Dragons, hunh?" flirted the hot chick whose name we're now finding out was Lola.

"Or Kobolds!" blurted Turf after realizing Lola actually had heard the dragon thing.

"Hi! Can you show me where to learn the highest art of Magick?" cast LEGObrick not realizing that nobody in the Hall of Heroes for Hire was going to be able to help him out with his Magick, especially since he was going to disappear in the not too distant future (hint, hint).

III. Buster's Secret Secret

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