Part Three
Buster's Secret Secret

Buster suddenly broke out into a really gay dance. The other heroes just looked at each other and nodded their heads knowingly.

"Well, maybe not dragons. I was thinking fame, glory and goldoons. And perdy ladies have been added to the list," flirted Dade, remembering he was Roller Playing and he could actually hit on ladies and maybe even score with them.

Turf suddenly leaned over to the dancing Buster and whispered in his ear. "You're gay."

"Crap!" panicked Buster after hearing Turf's whispering. "Out of character note: We're in a sever thunderstorm warning and getting pounded. If I drop off, that's why," sang out Buster, thinking wildly on his feet to try and drown out The Hero's comment so that his super secret secret would stay super and secret.

"Is that a song? Out Of Character Note?" winked Lola. "It's catchy, sugar."

"He also sings 'Feeding The Dogs'," cockblocked Dade Thraid.

"Hi there Lola," out of ordered Turf who should have probably said Hi before all the dragon things were said but he didn't want to be impolite.

"Dance for us again, Musick Man," ordered Turf as he instinctively began to take on the role of leader.

"Eeep!" squeaked the Man of Musick who danced even more furiously because he was drunk and scared of The Hero and Lola too.

IV. Rocko is Mean

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