Part Twelve
Rocko's World Domination Begin

"Hey Buster, gimme another mead!" screamed Rocko as he pulled a chair from underneath an unwitting customer with a full mug of mead. He then pointed at the poor guy sitting on his butt and covered in mead. "Look everyone! What an ASS! HA HA HA!"

"HA HA HA HA!" laughed Corky, easily entertained by the juvenile joke that actually could have resulted in severe back pain and possibly paralysis (which possibly would have made if funnier).

"What's your best strength and your worst weakness?" asked Lola privately in the dark corner where they went to be in privates as the others drank Mead at Buster's expense.

Turf thought about it for three minutes and fifteen seconds. "I'd say, my looks and dirt. I don't like to get dirty." He then sliled Lola (which I think might be something dirty but if that offends you, pretend it is something cute that 1st graders do). Lola scribbled a few more things on The Hero's form and then headed into the back room again.

"Hisss!" hissed LEGObrick's familiar, a snake! It was shy and hiding earlier. "Here it is! My snake!" shouted LEGObrick as he whipped it out. Perhaps this was the mystery of LEGObrick that had been mentioned in the previous part.

"Buster likes snakes," began Rocko although I don't know how he knew since he only just met him a few parts ago. "Trouser variety best," he punchlined predictably!

XIII. The Mission!

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