Part Four
Rocko is Mean

Just then, Rocko Uprightlus, A Bad Guy Who Heals Everyone, strutted arrogantly into the Hall of Heroes for Hire.

"Man, That Guy Who Heals Everyone is gay!" distracted Buster as he danced gaily and really gayly too.

"Tell that to the long-haired guy who sings and stuffs pickles down his pants," burned Rocko. Unless it wasn't a burn until he said, "Oh wait, that's you, Fluteboy." Then to continue the whole gay thing, Rocko stared at The Sneaky Guy and said, "Who's the guy with the Gay Mustache?"

"I'm The Sneaky Guy!" unsneakily stated The Sneaky Guy in a sneaky way so as not to make everyone think he was sneaky.

"He is Sneaky!" exclaimanated Rocko, much impressed by the unsneakily sneaky manner of The Sneaky Guy.

"Remember, you're all just pawns in my long-term vision for world domination by The Bad God through me," revealed Rocko immediately so that further character interaction with him would be understood later in the story.

V. Buster is Mean Too

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