Part Ten and Eleven
The Mystery of LEGObrick and Mead

"Can you see this?" whispered LEGObrick to Buster, showing him something. You will have to speculate on what was being shown. It might be a mystery.

"Oh!" exclaimed Rocko. Perhaps he saw what the something was. He then handed his completed form to Lola.

"Shut up, squirt," mean-spirited Turf to Dade. "We're going to kill a dragon now."

"So, where are we? A tavern?" asked Rocko ignorantly.

"Man, you type fast," complimented Turf to me, Grunion Guy, I guess, as I typed this story. Rocko ordered a beer and put it on The Singing Guy's tab.

"Idiot," said Turf, speaking to possibly anyone.

"Are we ready to start now?" asked Buster. This might have had something to do with what LEGObrick showed him earlier that hasn't been revealed yet.

"Oh! They sell beer here?" exclaimed Turf as he watched Rocko guzzle his mead. "Idiot," Turf said to himself.

"Ew! Mead!" spit-taked Rocko as he sipped what he thought was beer.

"How much for a mead?" asked Buster of the bartender as Dade Thraid sneakily snuck a Goldoon out of The Hero's pocket which The Hero had so much trouble operating earlier.

"I'll have one for me and the lady," manhandled Turf who thought it would be nice to share a mead with Lola. And cheaper too.

Rocko then leaned over to speak to the fourteen year old Sidekick. "It's pretty mean of your hero not to buy you a drink, eh?" illegalized Rocko.

LEGObrick finished up his form and handed it over to Lola. "Where can I earn Goldoons?"

"LEGObrick, are you a dwarf?" asked Rocko, apparently drunk from his one sip of mead and not being able to tell the difference between a Magick Guy in a pointy hat and a fat dwarf who is fat and short.

"No, I'm a Magick Guy," blunted LEGObrick offended. Because nobody wants to be thought of as a stupid dwarf! Not even the stupid dwarf!

"What's your familiar?" pick-up lined Rocko to LEGObrick.

"Um, so how much for a mead?" wondered Buster apparently not noticing that everyone's drinks were being put on his tab.

"Thanks for the mead, Buster!" partied Rocko.

"Lola, could you please fill out this form?" pitied Dade as he tried to get Lola to bend over so he could look down her cleavage and take lots of really close up photos of it. "Lola is red hot. Er, Lola is red hot?" fumbled Dade as he looked at her potatoes.

"Hey, keep your eyes off her, creep!" protected Turf so that he could keep all the cleavage to himself.

Lola collected everybody's forms (whether they were done or not) and then walked back over to The Hero. The Hero winked at her and whispered, "Want to find some place quiet?"

"Sure, you need to answer a few extra questions, big guy," slutted Lola as they wandered off to the side of the Hall to talk quietly.

XII. Rocko's World Domination Begins

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