Part Nine

Lola then passed around a bunch of forms for the new Fantasyers to fill out. "These are to find out what adventure you'd best be suited for," she explainiated.

The form was a short list of questions that asked all of the most personal information a Fantasyer could give, like his occupation and his Statistics and his weaknesses and strengths too! Turf couldn't read his and tried to draw a big X on it. Dade also struggled with his.

"Would you like to kill a dragon?" asked Lola as she winked at Turf. "Or a kobold," she scoffed, looking at The Magick Guy.

"Let's kill humans," joyoused Rocko plottily.

"Oh! OH! A dragon, please!" whined Turf. Just then Buster leaned over to Lola and whispered in her ear.

"Lola, you are so gay."

"Sir," pouted Lola, "I'll have to ask you to not make me almost cry." While Buster was just pulling away from Lola, LEGObrick cast a Magick Pinch Spell on Lola's ripe and beautiful butt. Lola slapped Buster in the face.

"Dragons are nice," sighed Rocko dreamily.

"Quit scaring the lady, idiot!" defended Turf while glancing aside at LEGObrick and whispering, "Nice one, LEGO."

"Okay, questions time," said Lola getting down to business.

"You gonna take that from a woman?" whispered Rocko to Buster rhetorically.

"What's the last monster you killed?" asked Lola.

"Boy, I can't wait to curse people," ignored Rocko.

"Nice," replied Turf to the male and ignoring the female.

"You're a curse, Rocko! Burn!" shouted Buster also ignoring the female which is less surprising than the others ignoring her (that's a gay joke).

"That's not a burn. That's true," truthfulled Rocko truthfully. Dade continued to struggle with his form.

"Here, let me help you, Dade," helped Turf as he reached over and drew a big X on Dade's form.

"Hey, Lola. Can I have a new form? This guy ruined mine," tattled Dade.

X & XI. The Mystery of LEGObrick and Mead

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