Part Five
Buster is Mean Too

"Ha! LEGObrick is gonna die!" prophesied Buster unoptimistically.

"Buster is singing about the death of LEGObrick. That can't be good for morale," pointed out Dade Thraid negatively.

"But I am The Magick Guy!" defended LEGObrick. "I'm supposed to be all weak and frail at first. Then later on I get to kick everyone's ass!"

"I like Buster's style! Except the gay part," experienced Rocko as it appeared Buster's super secret wasn't really so secret.

Buster then broke out into a song only slightly better than his sister's boobies' song: "Oh LEGO rolled a six! He'll soon be on the Styx! Traveling over the river flow, in Hell he'll be a rape-ed ho." LEGObrick smacked Buster for being such a meany to him and hurt his delicate Magick hand on Buster's head.

"Ugh," disgusted Buster. "Rocko's gay. Can we get another A Guy Who Heals Everyone in our group? The tavern is full."

"Sorry, Buster," retaliated Rocko. "A Guy who sings for a living is gay."

"I'm much closer to scoring with the virgin than you are, Buster. I mean, Rocko," lied Buster lispily.

Lola tapped her foot as she waited for all of the gay bashing gay talk from the gay heroes ended. As she looked over the group, she realized The Hero had no Sidekick! "A Hero without a Sidekick!? We'll have to change that." She then disappeared into the back room to find one to fit The Hero.

"Oh, hey Lola, you're back," unobserved Dade as Lola left. "Dang it."

Buster then broke into another song which he probably stole from somewhere. "Her name was Lola! She was a showgirl! With yellow ribbons in her hair and boobs right down to there!" He also probably danced gaily while singing.

VI. LEGObrick's Last Conversation

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