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GGV never wanted to be a hero. GGV never wanted to save the world or find a mysterious amulet. All GGV wanted to do was travel to exotic locations and relax in the sun. Well, GGV got part of her wish seeing as how the Dungeon of Doom was a pretty exotic location!

5th Generation, Vacation, Day One:
The bus dropped me off in a strange, dark, echoing depot. I instantly recognized the place as the dungeon where all of my ancestors had died! This vacation wasn't turning out exactly as I'd hoped! I knew I was going to have to be extremely careful and crafty to survive!

The most exciting thing to happen on my trip so far was when that little kitten that was following me around fell into a pit and died. I snapped a picture of it and went back to my hotel room for the night.

5th Generation, Vacation, Day Two:
Found a shop and purchased a lot of reading materials. I also bought an Axe for protection. I began wearing Leather Armor over my Hawaiian Shirt so that maybe I'd blend in a little. All in all, a pretty good day.

5th Generation, Vacation, Day Three:
I did a little more shopping today. I purchased a lot of fancy drinks of various colours. The merchant wouldn't accept my credit card so I couldn't buy everything I wanted. Plus one of the sodas turned into a strange creature that nearly killed me! But I bested it and became a Level Four Tourist!

5th Generation, Vacation, Day Four:
Oh! So much happened to me today! I was mugged by a leprechaun! Good thing I didn't have much money left on me after my shopping sprees. And then a wild Pony came charging at me! I tossed a banana to it and it quickly ate it! It fell in love with me and began following me around. I decided to name it Captain Dick! A little dog also showed some interest in becoming my friend but I didn't have any food for it. So it continued on its way, looking for an easy meal.

5th Generation, Vacation, Day Five:
I did even more shopping! This trip has been wonderful! I picked up a few rings and loaded up on snacks. Captain Dick stole some reading material and I was too embarrassed to return it. So I read it and it made my Combat Boots glow silver! Nice!

I think it's time I took a tour of the Gnomish Mines.

5th Generation, Vacation, Gnomish Mines, Day One:
Sad note: On my way to the Gnomish Mines Tour, Captain Dick was attacked by a pack of Rothes and killed. I'll miss you, Captain Dick!

As soon as the tour started, I was set upon by multiple Gnomes, Dwarves, and Gnome Lords all trying to get a piece of my foreign currency! Luckily, I was able to fend them all off.

I found a Runed Dagger and named it Sting. I hope it helps especially since my Axe was corroded by an Acid Blob.

Joyous Note: I fed a lost kitten and it decided to follow me and be my friend! I've named it Nice Kitty.

5th Generation, Vacation, Gnomish Mines, Day Two:
I was caught in a bear trap almost immediately and slain by a Gold Golem.

Death Lesson Learned: Sometimes, you just get very unlucky. Especially when you're using a tourist and she can't fight very well.

Interesting After Death Facts: GGV was wearing a +0 Hawaiian Shirt, +0 Dwarvish Iron Helm, +0 Dwarvish Roundshield, +2 Dwarvish Cloak, +0 Ring Mail and +1 Jumping Boots. I wonder if the Jumping Boots would have gotten my out of the Bear Trap?

GGV ranked 31st on the top 100 list. Not too bad for a Tourist.

Copyright 2006 NA!P