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For some reason, Grunion Guy IV, a male Chaotic Elven Wizard, worshiped Anhur, an Egyptian God of War. Perhaps it was the Chaotic part. Or else it was just that GGIV* was planning on learning lots of Spells of War and bringing a whole lot of magick butt kicking to the Dungeons of Doom. Whatever the reason, GGIV set off on his probable failing expedition!

4th Generation, Level One:
I descend into the depths of the Dungeon of Doom on the night of the full moon. This is lucky for some reason.

I have packed much better than my descendants ever dreamed. Why rely on luck when one could enter the dungeon well-equipped? I know the spell Force Bolt and also the spell Create Monster. Some would wonder why I needed such a spell but I know that there will be many altars along my path and each will be hungry for the blood of sacrifice.

I carry with me a Wand of Lightning which should get me out of some tough jams, as long as I can keep from killing myself by the ricocheting bolts.

I hope my other magick items prove useful as I seem to have forgotten to purchase any food for the expedition. If all else fails, I suppose I can eat the cat that followed me into this crypt.

I have easily found the stairs down to level two. Between my +1 Quarterstaff and my Force Bolt Spell, nothing seems to be able to stand in my way. I also found 2 rations of food, thank Anhur. On to Level Two!

4th Generation, Level Two:
Being more powerful than all of my ancestors combined, I find myself challenged hardly at all on Level Two. And my reward for all the killing so far seems to be locked away in this chest I sit upon. I will discover its contents in a moment.

Death Lesson Learned: Stupid Chests can be trapped and they're quite deadly to Level One Wizards.

Interesting After Death Facts: GGIV was an illiterate wizard.

GGIV, killed by an electric shock, made it to 60th place in the top 100.

*Grunion Guy IV started a tradition amongst his descendants to only refer to themselves by their initials and Roman Numeral.

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