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Grunion Guy II did not follow in the footsteps of his father. I mean mother. He had heard that Mars was a total jackbiter and couldn't even protect his priests from a rabies infested rat. So Grunion Guy II decided to be a Chaotic Orcish Female Barbarian who followed the God, Set.

2nd Generation, Level One:
I blundered about all Barbarian Bravado and female machismo until a trap door opened in the ceiling above me and bashed my brains upon the ground.

Death Lesson Learned: This game is cruel and sometimes you just can't avoid being killed. Also, Set should probably choose smarter heroes.

Interesting After Death Facts: Barbarians are poison resistant. Orcs have infravision. Unless that's the other way around!

Creatures Vanquished: 1 Grid Bug.

Conduct: Went without Food.
Was an Atheist.
Was illiterate.
Never genocided any monsters.
Never polymorphed an object.
Never changed form.
Used no wishes.
Was a virgin.
Disgrace to his family.
Shortest game ever.
Killed by a falling rock.

Surprisingly, Grunion Guy II ranked 63rd on the top 100 list. That shows just how cruel this game can be!

Copyright 2006 NA!P