Part Ninety Nine
Rocko is Yellow!

"Hmm, maybe we shouldn't go after that Cyclops after all," chickened out Rocko who was as dumb as Turf, thinking there was still a Cyclops. Unless there was. I don't remember.

"There is no way back now," informed Harry. "The damn thing caved in on us."

"Actually, the door closed behind us," heroically corrected Turf. "Or also maybe."

"The Hero will see us through," hoped Harry.

"With my sword though," clarified Turf. "Ha!" he laughed at Corky as Corky missed the Ratman.

"Through the other side of death, maybe," pessimisticated Dade.

"That's just the start of another great adventure," hoped Harry again.

"Har har har chitter chitter," mocked the Ratman as they all tried to hit it again and missed it pathetically. It smacked Rocko again but its blow was deflected by Rocko's Holy Armor again.

"I pinch its little behind again," bestialitied Harry.

"Man, we need a dwarf. Someone who can actually put an end to this thing," foreshadowed Rocko.

"Chitter chitter gay," hate spoke the Ratman.

"Black jack!" chanted Harry again as he pinched the rat again. Rocko tapped his noggin and nodded knowingly. Dade missed another attack. This one wasn't a just a pretend attack though.

"GOD DADE!" screamed Rocko completely losing it. "Oh my BAD GOD!" Rocko was sliced up by the Ratman again because his Holy Armor didn't protect him very well this time. It was very exciting and filled with special blood effects (unless that would give my movie an R rating instead of a PG-13 rating. Then there was just implied blood). "Goddamn!" he swored and hit the last nail in the movie is going to be rated R coffin (unless we can change his line to "Oh Bessy!").

100. Oh, Now Magick Hurts Ratmen Again

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