Part One Hundred
Oh, Now Magick Hurts Ratmen Again

"This thing can only be hit by Magick!" foreswore Harry.

"Well, the Hero should have been able to get it. Luckily we have Harry," pointed out Dade.

"Shut up," broke down Harry having heard enough of how the world should be according to Dade (especially since Dade was pointing out how many faults The Hero had and Harry was in love with The Hero). "The Hero doesn't have Magick."

"Seriously," decided Rocko. Because The Hero should have Magick. Maybe after he kills the Dragon.

"Lightning storm. Thunder," chanted Harry as he pinched the Ratman yet again. "We're having a monsoon right now. It's cool." More mysterious magick talk! I wonder if Tony started the Monsoon by borrowing the jeep?

"I thought that was your lead in for your Magick Pinch," proclaimed Turf.

"It was for both but I had to qualify it," mysteriously non-explained Harry.

Suddenly, the tide turned! The Ratman missed Rocko with its Short Sword!

"Hurrah!" celebrated everyone! And "Huzzah!" too.

"Chitter chitter lame lame," complained the Ratman sensing its suddenly soon demise! "*cough*homosayswhat*cough" coughed the Ratman.

"Hey!" outsmarted Turf by not saying what. "Why didn't you talk before? I just want to know where the Cyclops is?"

Harry tried to cast Nighty Night but failed. "Damn! He's going to kill us!" realized Rocko smartly.

"Maybe you. But not me. Not today," pencilled into his calendar'd Turf.

"Oh wait. I need to get away to do a desperation cast." Rocko ran away from the Ratman.

"Die you dirty Rat!" shouted Dade leaping forward in what was sure to be a great movie moment thus meaning the Ratman must surely die after such a memorable line! Dade missed.

101. Will They Win?

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