Part Ninety Eight
Magick Hurts Ratmen

"You confuse me, Harry." Dade was confused. "Gee, I won't ask you what's going on anymore, Harry."

Rocko prayed upon the power of The Bad God for a new spell and was granted the power to Cause Wounds on the Ratman! Which he did! Big time! "Wee!"

"Yesss!" approved Harry.

"Neener neener," mocked Turf majestically.

"Rocko rocks in the eworld," evoked Harry.

The Ratman squeaked in discomfort. "Darn," darned Rocko wishing The Bad God was more powerful. "No more of that. I'm down to two Prayer Points!"

Harry then cast another Magick Pinch at it. "Black jack!" he chanted and pinched the Ratman magickally. Dade then walked over and pretended to hit the Ratman to make the others think he was at least trying even though he wasn't. He was just pretending. Turf then tried to hit it with his big fat ham hands and it easily danced out of the way. The same thing happened to Corky even though Corky's hands were delicate. And then to Rocko. The Ratman was just too fast!

"Jebus," blasphemed Rocko.

"Chitter chitter har har har," chortled the Ratman as it struck at Rocko again. This time, Rocko deflected the blow with his Holy Shield.

"My Bad God Armor works like Magick!" he declared, insulting the Holy power of The Bad God by insinuating Magick was better than Holyness or something.

Harry cast Magick Pinch again and pinched it hard! The most epic battle that had ever taken place was nearly over but the Fatnasyers wouldn't know that until it was over!

99. Rocko is Yellow!

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