Part Ninety Seven
Who is Tony?

"Harry, what's going on?" pondered Dade.

"Hey Harry, I got me a prayer that does something like your Pinch does," interrupted Rocko as Harry suddenly became Mr. Popular.

"Be right back, Tony has to borrow the jeep," overwhelmed Mr. Popular. Who was Tony? And what was a jeep? The mysteries of Magick!

Turf then put his finger to his lips so that no one would give away his location. The editor can make that make sense when this story is published.

"Dang Harry, that is pretty bad," admitted Dade about the jeep and Tony thing because Sneaky Guys know stuff too that I don't know. Also, Turf and Corky were hiding just past the doorway waiting to ambush the Ratman when it came through. Which it did! But it noticed Turf with its super Rat senses and attacked him!

"Apparently, espionage isn't Turf's strong suit," ridiculed Rocko who appeared much cooler to everyone else as he put Turf down.

"What?! He was coming down the hall? Why didn't someone tell me?" said Turf who was really, really dumb. "Ahhh! A Ratman!" The Ratman's sword arced toward Turf's throat but Turf blocked it with his Tow Shield which shattered from the force of the impact.


"Not to worry, Corky. Situation under control," a nearly dead Turf said to ease Corky's fear. "That's the old Cocky I lure 'em in with a head shot trick. I'll teach you sometime."

"Harry! Turf's about to die!" celebrated Rocko. "All because he was too proud and/or dumb to ask for healing!"

"Dade, I don't see you doing any better," mistaken identified Harry understandably.

"Yeah Dade!" reinforced Rocko, the troublemaker.

"Yeah!" exclamated Corky.

"Huh?" huhed Dade understandably since I'm writing this and even I'm confused by Harry. "I asked you what was going on and you said Tony was going to borrow the jeep and I said that is pretty bad? And I'm not doing any better?"

"You said my Pinch Spell was pretty bad. While I was helping Tony, no less," continued Harry mistakenly. Possibly because this Tony thing messes up perceptions of reality.

98. Magick Hurts Ratmen

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