Part Ninety Six

"Back out, people!" yelled Turf because they were all stuck in between the cave wall and the bars and only Rocko could fight the Ratman and he probably couldn't even do that very well. Which he proved by swinging at it with his mace and missing.

"Sigh," sighed Rocko.

"Nice," complimented Turf.

"Let the Hero do his job!" shouted Harry as they all backed into the big hall of bones.

"Hey Hedwig," conversated Dade.

"Whoooo whoooo," debated Hedwig.

"Bad dudes don't train," bemoaned Rocko of a gay lifestyle he could have enjoyed if he'd followed The Good God.

"Out of the way, Peck!" foul tempered Turf to Corky his lovable sidekick who would never yell at him.

"Who's peck?" paranoided Rocko as he covered up his man part.

"Hey, don't tease Corky," defended Dade as everyone began to play opposite day.

"Sorry, Corky. The heat of combat and all," anger managed Turf.

"No, wait, go ahead. I don't know what I was thinking," insult managed Dade as opposite day came to a swift end.

"Lure him out, Bad Healer!" commanded Turf.

"At least they are leaving you a way out," referenced Dade to the thing he hated everyone for.

As everyone waited in the big hall, Rocko yelled, "In your face!", a villainous thing to yell at a Ratman which would ensure that it would chase him as Rocko ran into the boney room.

"Bring it, Ratman!" declared Turf. So the Ratman did! It smacked Rocko in the buttocks as he tried to run away!

"OUCH!" whispered Rocko painfully. Rocko stumbled from the hall with the Ratman hot on his tail. The Ratman's tail was in the air behind him not under his own feet. He was hot on Rocko's tail (which Rocko doesn't have but he has a rump which is a tail. They're synonyms and writers use them to avoid boredom). Harry cast Magick Pinch on the Ratman and it was pinched!

97. Who is Tony?

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