Part Ninety Five
Meet the Ratman!

The adventurers left the room with the pool and went back to the skeleton room and then went into the next hallway that went west that was just north of the one that was just north of the one that led to the pillar room. They came to another huge cavern. A row of bars blocked their access from moving further north in the room. A large barred door was set in the bars. Behind the bars was a man like a rat. Or a rat like a man. It was a man that looked like a rat. So it was man-sized. But it had a rat head and tail. It had weapons and armor and stuff too. Another wall of bars was behind the rat.

"Have you seen a Cyclops?" asked Turf politely of the caged rat.

"Squeak hiss froth," replied Mister Ratman.

"What did he say, Harry?" hoped Turf.

"I don't know Ratenese," declared Harry who didn't take that class in Magick Guy School because those classes all started at seven in the morning.

"Hey, Ratman. You worship The Bad God?" asked Rocko who should have guessed the Ratman worshiped the Rat God. Duh! "Because you should," testified Rocko.

"" spoke Turf as if speaking slower was a language understood by everyone and not just retards and deaf people. And then the door swung open! "Uh oh."

"Let's do some convertin', boys!" gayly declared Rocko. I know convertin' is sexual because I've converted it with lots of girls.

The Ratman rushed from the cage and attacked!

"Corky's slow," teased Rocko.

"Don't tease him," anti-teased Turf.

"In the name of The Bad God," began Rocko as the Ratman got all up in his face with his pointy teeth and sword.

"Har har har," consoled Turf.

"I guess he likes The Ugly God," wronged Harry who really should have known the Ratman worshiped the Rat God. Duh again!

The rat smacked Rocko upside his head with his sword. " shall be saved," finished Rocko as his bell was wrung. Or wranged. Or rung or ranged too.

"Bwa ha ha ha," helped Turf. "Did he say slaved?"

The Ratman's sword bounced off of the Holy Plate because the Ratman wasn't destined to kill Rocko.

"Holy armour, Ratman," spaked Harry. Meanwhile, Dade was at the end of the boner hall looking at a large set of double doors with six locks of different colors.

"This is a neat door, isn't it?" he said to nobody since they were all busy trying to guess the Ratman's religious status.

96. Retreat!

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