Part Ninety Four
Rocko Cheats

"Say, let's get that smashed dude and make a raft out of him," declared Rocko who was talking about a smashed dude under a block that only Hedwig  had ever seen and, being an owl, hadn't been able to tell anybody else about it. But Rocko was a poor Roller Player and always used knowledge of things that he shouldn't know about all the time because he hates losing and needs every advantage to win. But he won't win! It's practically already been written! He's going to die! Ha ha!

"Yuk! You can," disgusted Turf thinking about how dirty he would get sailing on Buster's corpse. "Let's look around some more." Harry whistled and made some signals with his hands and Hedwig flew over the water and grabbed the key and went, "SQAW! CAH! SQAW! CAH!" and flew the key back to Harry. Harry took the key and scratched Hedwig meanly on the beak.

"Heh," hehhed Rocko who was disappointed that he wouldn't get to corpse float again. "Yay! Thank you, Bad God, for showing us the way!"

"I used to worship the Apathetic God but he didn't seem to care much," faithfully believed Dade.

"Ha. That was funny," laughed Rocko knowing that the Apathetic God was no match for The Bad God and it was funny that someone would actually worship him.

"Hero, we have the key," presented Harry like a good henchman.

"Good job," condescended Turf as he took the key.

95. Meet the Ratman!

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