Part Ninety Three
Hedwig Is More Useful Than Buster

"Couldn't the owl get the key?" observated Dade.

"Oh yeah. Where is Hedwig?" blamed Harry who never remembered his poor familiar ever. Poor rabbit. Or hawk. Or whatever it was. "Good idea."

"Chin up, Corky," mentored Turf big brotherly. Being a Hero, he must have sensed Corky was down or something.

"But Harry, be careful. It could be a trap," warned The Sneaky Guy who couldn't find any traps.

"It's deep," declared Rocko having successfully run his Hand in the Water Experiment.

"Nope, bad idea," suddenly mind changed Harry mistakenly.

"Is it jumpable?" asked Rocko who probably thought that experiment should be left to someone more heroick.

"Hedwig can't pick up keys?" stupified Harry.

"We need a raft!" continued Rocko with his experimentations and completely ignoring the real work being done on the owl front that would eventually be successful in the key getting enterprise. "Maybe a corpse! They float!" he suggested while picturing Buster dead with a sail in his gut.

"Isn't the Hero full of hot air? He should float even with his armor," snided Dade. But nobody laughed because the Hero wasn't wearing any armor and it ruined the joke. The Hero never plays along.

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