Part Ninety Two
Rocko Experiments

"Harry, can we sleep in here and you get your points back?" wondered Rocko. Apparently they were playing some game where you lost points but got them back after sleeping.

"Can I sleep? This is getting annoying," bequeathed Harry having lived through this exact same argument for fifteen years and knew better than to keep it going.

Turf left the room knowing, like Harry, to not get involved. Harry followed after. Then Rocko followed himself. And everybody else followed too. They re-entered the hall of bones and then adventured down the next hallway that led west. It was north of the hallway they just left. That one headed west too. But they were leaving it and going in the new one. They entered a room with a deep pool across the middle. A blue key was lying on a small ledge on the other side.

"Boy, I bet there's fish in that pool," wrongly bet Rocko. So he lost his bet because there were no fish in the pool. Too bad nobody took him up on the bet and won all his Goldoons.

"Is it deep?" asked Harry who apparently was too good to look into it. Or he didn't have a measuring tape or something. But they all decided and suspected the pool was very, very deep. Because if it wasn't, then it might as well just be a floor. Or the key might as well be on their side.

"Oh, hey Rocko. Thanks for healing me by the way," extremed Dade. Wait, no, that was positive so it must have been someone else. Um, no! Dade did say that. Especially since nobody else liked Rocko because he worked for a bad guy.

"No problem," lied Rocko who indeed did have problems healing Dade and had to do it three times. What a lying mean guy!

"Can someone swim?" asked Harry as he watched Hedwig fly around the room.

"I can't," surprise revelation'd Corky in a foreshadowing moment. Maybe.

"I think the Gay Guy Who Sings can," pointed out Rocko.

"Too bad he's not here," revealed Corky. But where was he?! Nobody knew!

"Great. He's never here," noticed Harry. Everybody noticed all the time how he was never there. Probably because he was drunk or doing something marginally important to the world but dreadfully important to himself. Plus, whatever he was doing was probably easier than adventuring. Like watching Bloodbowl or something. "He is always doing it with his horse," he added, insulting Molly for absolutely no reason at all.

"I get on my hands and knees," started Rocko in a great set up about being gay or something, "and reach into the pool," he finished non-gayly. Rocko got his hand wet. What an experiment!

93. Hedwig Is More Useful Than Buster

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