Part Ninety One
The Party Gets Along Great!

"It's okay, Rocko. I know you're trying," smooched Dade.

"Harry, don't anger the healing guy," warned Dade. "Let him pray to whoever he wishes."

"Hey, bad healer," poked Turf.

"Ha ha! Burn!" shouted Corky.

"Corky, you will never be healed by me again," promised Rocko because promises were made to be broken later. 

"That's no threat!" rejoindered Corky.

"Yes, Turf?" asked Rocko, ignoring Corky. 

"Quit hurting more than healing!" lamented Turf.

"Hey Turf, quit thinking you're going to live beyond this next round unless you ask me and my God for the help you obviously need," blasted Rocko.

"Rocko, remember this is the lot that left me in a room full of monsters to die. You'll get no kindness from them," annoyed Dade.

"Kindness? I spit that word from my mouth and ground it into the dirt." Rocko spat cooly.

"Why I oughta...," started Turf and then forgot to finish.

"You're twisting things, Mister! Turf said to retreat," cried Corky like a Hero loving baby. "You didn't listen!"

"He did. I heard him," remembered Harry who was probably retreating long before Turf even mentioned it.

"I would have ran but he left me no place to run, Corky," retaliated Dade believing that Turf controlled the skeletons and placed them in his way.

"Whatever, Corky. Until you get a catch phrase, you're just stoopid," retarded Rocko. But in a cool way.

"I have one!" shouted Corky in his outside voice. "And it's especially apt since you can't heal us!"

"Oh yeah? What is it?" eyebrow arched Rocko suspiciously and toughly and probably with some cool too.

"We're going to die in here!" catch phrased Corky.

"Ha!" appreciated Turf.

"Yeah but what's your catch phrase?" under-appreciated Rocko.

"Well? Corky, did he give me a place to run to?" illogickaled Dade.

"Yes. The way was not blocked when he said to run. And you ignored him," hit his head on a brick wall'd Corky.

"Okay. Look. Can't we argue about this out in the sunlight," smart guy'd Harry realizing that they'd die in here trying to point out reality to Dade.

"We have to learn to trust Turf! He's the Hero!" butt-kissed Corky like a gay sidekick would.

Rocko prayed to The Bad God that he wouldn't have to suffer this meat-head hero and his retarded sidekick much longer. The Bad God listened and would grant the prayer very soon. But not how Rocko intended! Ha ha! Jerk!

"Amen," finished Rocko not realizing what a dumb prayer he made and he wouldn't live long enough to learn to be more specific in his stupid and mean prayers.

"No one else ran until he said it the second time," re-continued Dade again. "Why am I punished to death for doing what everyone else did?" he rhetoricalled incorrectly seeing as how he wasn't even dead and was lucky to be alive to ask the question. For now.

92. Rocko Experiments

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