Part Eighty Eight
Dade Didn't Want To Fight a Cyclops

The Yellowlings began by beating up Dade again. I'm sure he expected it. Then Turf was beaten up a little and then Rocko got socko'd also.

Come and get it, pipsqueak!" yelled Rocko as Rocko didn't give any but got some himself. "OUCH!"

"I didn't want to fight a Cyclops. I wanted to fight kobolds," reminded Dade about the kobolds that would have led to this cave anyway because it was all a big trap and they were set up by Lola.

"These aren't Cyclops anyhow," reminded Turf.

"There is no going back now!" reminded Harry.

"By mabe ib hebie taloy," fishspoke Turf.

"We must come together as the super team we are," gay orgy'd Harry.

"We're all going to die down here!" screamed Turf.

"That's what *I* said," argued Corky.

"I told you to put the key back," argued Dade.

"No way because we're on a mission," argued Rocko. And thus the super team came together as Turf finally put the key back on the wall. As soon as it was back up, the Yellowlings disappeared behind their pillars. "Good boy!"

"Ha! I showed them," boasted Turf.

"Hmmm, that little cuss was gonna get his in the form of a mace sandwich," threatened Rocko as he put the bread and mayo away for later.

"Again, our young hero saves the day," rewrote history'd Harry.

89. Does Anyone Need Healing, Part III

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