Part Eighty Nine
Does Anyone Need Healing, Part III

"I hate you all," remembered Dade. "Well, not Rocko at the moment. But the rest of you." And probably Rocko later too.

"Perhaps we should have left you knocked out," exasperated Harry.

"Hey old man. What if your familiar grabbed the key?" death wished Rocko.

"You shouldn't have tried to steal the key, Mr. Thraid," whined Corky. He also lamented, "I hurt."

"Turf tried to take it even after I said you shouldn't," reprimanded Dade. "You also ran and left me in a room full of monsters and blocked my way out."

"Mean," instigated Rocko.

"There's a dragon in here? Cool," imagined Turf. "Someone search the bones for the Cyclops. Bwa ha ha ha!"

After being beaten up so badly, the Fantasyers decided to rest in the room full of pillars (and probably Yellowlings too).

"Who needs healing?" shouted Rocko!

"Me! Me!" cried Corky who Rocko then barely healed at all. Probably because The Bad God isn't very powerful.

"Stupid Corky!" resented Rocko for showing the lack of power The Bad God has. "Uh, anyone else?"

"I would like to have some band aids at least," product placemented Dade. Rocko healed him badly.

"JEBUS!" he cried, hoping a different God would heal better than his God. Then he healed him again badly. "What the hell? One more for Dade." Then he healed him again badly. "Whatever," gave up'd Rocko.

"Maybe The Good God would be better for us," pointed out Corky smartly. Rocko slapped Corky! "Ow, you hurt me more than you heal me!"

90. Religious Debates

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