Part Eighty Seven
Don't Touch the Key, Dummy!

"Somebody help Dade," shouted Harry. Meaning Rocko heal him. Which Rocko did.

"Tell Dade about the mission, Rocko. You know, the one from God," story told Turf at a seemingly inappropriate time, seeing as how Dade might be dying and probably didn't want to hear their exploits yet.

"Dade, Dade, I can see your hovel from here! No, no, just joking," punchlined Rocko as he healed Dade again because his first healing was really badly done. "You owe me big time, mister!"

"Hee hee hee," giggled Turf heroically. "Hey, get the key over there, Sneak."

"I'll get it," pitched in Corky!

"I wouldn't bother, Corky," complained Dade. "Not like you all listen to me." Just then, Turf grabbed the key and the Yellowlings all jumped out from behind the pillars, suprising them all. Even Dade. Again. "After all, you left me in a room full of monsters to die!"

"Man, what jerks!" agreed Rocko. "Jerkos!"

"I touch nothing!" shouted Short Round. I mean, Turf. "She pushed the button!" But Buster wasn't even in the room.

"You had to be there. He is making it worse than it is," blamed Harry as he ignored the fact he was about to receive a beating along with everyone else. And Dade, again.

"Put the key back, Turf," informed Dade from reasonably past experience.

"Yow!" shouted Rocko, finally noticing he was surprised by Yellowlings. "Younglings!"

"Bwa ha ha ha!" surprised Turf. "Is it my birthday? What a nice surprise."

"Yikes!" surprised Harry.

"Sigh," surprised Dade.

"Hmm. Six pillars? Six yellowlings?" puzzled Rocko. "I wonder...I wonder...I wonder...Nah!"

88. Dade Didn't Want To Fight a Cyclops

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