Part Eighty Six
Yellowlings Are Ninjas

Meanwhile, Dade was surrounded by six tiny Yellowlings! Yellowlings are mysterious little mystery men from the mysterious East. They are all fists and feet and tails of fury and flying dragon attacks and non-blockable, one-legged crane kicks and stuff. They'll kick your butt big time! Which is what they just did to Dade while I was describing them. Dade was knocked out cold! But before that he said, "You want to be part of my gang?" and then they hit him with six sweeping groin kicks and he said, "I'll take that as a no then," as he collapsed from the being kicked in the groin pain by six feet.

"Run!" yelled Turf to Dade. Turf and Rocko and Harry and Corky (but not Buster) all heard the sounds of the fists on leather for about three seconds, Dade's screams for another second and then nothing. "Wait there!" corrected Turf. They all rushed down the hallway to save Dade.

"Oh shit!" PG-13'd Rocko as he rushed with the rest down the hall. They entered the room filled with six pillars. On the floor was Dade, bleeding and unconscious. On the wall was a Yellow Key.

87. Don't Touch the Key, Dummy!

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