Part Eighty Two

Dade continued to venture down the hall as he backed away from the horde of skeletons. He stumbled into a room with a bunch of pillars and a yellow key on the far wall. Dade Thraid checked carefully for traps. He looked behind all the pillars. And he looked on the floor and the walls too. He looked on the key and under the key. But he found no traps at all.

"Ummm," dumbed Turf.

"Turf's got the dialogue down pat," admired Rocko. Hedwig flew into an open doorway on the east wall while a few skeletons followed him. Harry backed up to stand near the exhausted and spent Buster.

"I'll save you again, Turf! Sheesh!" sheeshed Rocko. Rocko charged forward and bashed a skeleton in the skull with his mace. "Whomp!" his mace yelled. It exploded into dust! The skeleton, not the mace.

"Hmm," thought Turf.

"Saved!" yelled Rocko.

"Maybe we're not going to die after all!" hurrahed Corky.

"Bow down before The Bad God and his initiate Rocko Uprightlus!" demanded Rocko. "Corky, that should be your new catch phrase. What I just said."

Turf's sword then went 'womp' and he smacked a skeleton into dust with his Big Sword too!

"I got it still despite my lame sword!" challenged Turf as he realized his sword wasn't doing much damage to the skeletons. As the two fell, two more moved in to attack Corky.

"Corky, if you die, I can hit them!" helped Rocko as the skeletons liked that plan a lot and sliced up Corky a little bit with their swords.

83. Dade is Still Bitter

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