Part Eighty Three
Dade is Still Bitter

Meanwhile, deep in the western hallway, in the pillared room, bitter and cranky Dade took one more look around for traps and found none. So then he took the key. "But there is a trap. Yeah, I know," he said even though he took the key knowing there was a trap but still took it. Just as he removed it from the wall, there was a loud 'HIIIIIII YAH!' and six guys in robes with white belts jumped out from their hiding places behind the pillars.

"Uh oh," moaned Turf, having heard the HIIIIIII YAH! "Heh," said Rocko. "Sighs," said Dade.

"Run sneaky!" yelled Turf, reminding Dade of their earlier plan. Hedwig began flying down the eastern hallway not yet having learned the lessons of Dade. "Look out! It's a trap!" helped Turf helpfully. Harry began sifting through the bones searching for more Goldoons. And he found two more! He also found ten more skeletons as they formed from the bones and stood up to attack.

84. More Skeletons!

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