Part Eighty One
Rocko Finishes With Buster

"Frack. I was afraid of that," swore Harry. Corky and Turf continued to bash on the skeletons bashingly as Rocko finally finished with the secret gay stuff he was doing to Buster.

"Party's on!" yiffed Rocko. "Cool."

"Perfect timing, as usual," croaked Harry meanly. Or happily.

"Hey Rocko," heyed Turf.

"Nice!" niced Rocko when he realized his buddies were being beaten down by a bunch of skeletons. "Y'all should have known better than to go on without the main attraction!" Rocko wiped his mouth. Buster snored.

"Bwa ha ha ha," bwa ha haed Turf.

"I hope these are easier to kill than Giant Rats!" prayed Rocko to The Bad God.

"They're pretty tough for being so skinny," branded Harry. "And boney," added Turf.

"Oh boy," exasperated Rocko.

"I wish the Singing Guy wasn't asleep in the corner. That reminds me of a song, Unskinny Bop," buttrocked Harry. "Bop bop."

"Mmmmbop! Mmmmbop!" sang Turf unironically and thus uncooly.

"I've got to move," moved Harry, trying to make room for Rocko, "so you can rockem sockem robots 'em."

"I'm the red robot!" insectorama'd Rocko.

82. Whomp!

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