Part Eighty
Questions and Answers

"Hero, should I use some Pinch Spells on them?" perplexed Harry.

"Yup," admitted Turf.

"Should I send in Hedwig to fight?" asked Harry.

"We don't need him yet," reprimanded Turf.

"Hero, don't make me turn on you," emotionalized Harry.

"He's no good to us back there," pointed Turf.

"I don't think he can hit but maybe he can draw some fire," back pointed Harry.

"What'd I say?" forgot Turf. "Nah, we don't need him."

"I'll have Hedwig fly to the north and try to lure some with him," remembered Harry. "And I will do Magick Pinchie to one with a Big Sword thing."

"We got 'em funneled now," believed Turf. "Oh, a big sword thing. That's different." Hedwig the Owl flew over their heads and flapped about the skeletons skulls and continued north. A few of them began to follow the bird (unless an owl is a mammal and then they followed the mammal) as Harry began chanting his spell. He cast it on the skeleton but the Magick had no effect on it.

81. Rocko Finishes With Buster

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