Part Seventy Six
The Hall of Bones

The group of Fantasyers entered a really, really, really long hallway. The entire floor was covered in bones, skulls and more bones. As they entered, the door slid shut behind them!

"I bet the Cyclops is in here," ruminated Turf. Dade Thraid picked up a bone and threw it at Turf. As the bones were disturbed, ten skeletons took form from amid the bones and rose up to attack!

"Ouch! It's the Cyclops!" unrecognized Turf.

"Dade, maybe you can find some treasure or traps in these bones," pondered Harry with his back to the rising skeletons.

"Found one," pointed Dade. Turf drew his sword and prepared to fight. Dade discovered six Goldoons where the bones had been disturbed.

"Dibs!" yelled Turf.

"Let's get in the halls so we only have to face one at a time," strategized Harry.

"We're going to die in here!" screamed Corky as two skeletons with Big Swords advanced on him.

"Good catch phrase," blamed Harry.

"That's not my slogan!" roared Turf. Because it was true. It wasn't his. It was his sidekick's.

77. Another Epic Battle

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