Part Seventy Seven
Another Epic Battle

"It makes me relax when all looks bleak," poeticalled Harry. Turf charged the skeletons conversing on Corky. He cracked one in the head with his Big Sword and it turned toward him (the skeleton not the Big Sword). Also, the rest of them turned toward him. They all began swinging wildly at Turf with their weapons. They all began missing Turf too. Harry and Dade copied the skeletons. Except they attacked the skeletons and not Turf. But they were copying the missing exactly.

"Aren't we a pair," prolonged Harry.

Corky smashed a skeleton in the skull with his Shorter Sword and spun it about. "Go Corky," helped Turf as he bashed another skeleton again but didn't hurt it hardly at all. The skeletons continued to flail wildly with their swords (not flails. So maybe they sworded wildly) and continued to miss too. As did Dade and Harry. But it was all very exciting and filled with rivets and tension. Especially when Corky smacked another one! What action!

"We need a cleric guy to turn these things," strategized Harry as Turf poked another skeleton with his Big Sword.

"Yeah," agreed Turf thinking they were playing some other stoopid Roller Playing System where Healing Guys were called clerics and could do something called 'turning'.

"Well, we can wait until the silly boys can play," pointed out Dade referring to silly Buster and extra silly Rocko who were sitting in the entry way to this long halled room doing really secret and mysterious things that didn't involve participating in the skeleton fight.

78. Ditching Dade

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