Part Seventy Five
Harry Is Mean & Bad at Math

"So, Mr. Thraid, do you want to buy the trading card of Cocky I? He was  a Bare Knuckles Dragon Fighting Champion?" hard-selled Corky.

"I don't want to buy your poo card, kid," grossed out Dade who didn't realize the value of the card (even covered in poo) was probably thousands of Goldoons. "Fine. Here is three more Goldoons. I hope you all rot because of it."

"My Goldoon is still on the scale," pointed out Harry as he collected the Goldoons from Dade. "So, if you want to steal it, have at it. But when I start to get hungry, I'm not going to be nice any more."

"You haven't been nice yet, Harry," rewrote historied Dade. Or else he just meant to him since Harry was practically in love with Turf.

The scale balanced just past halfway to balancing with 6 Goldoons on it. Probably about 60% of the way.

"Wow. Looks like we need 10. I am smart," proved Harry before he spoke again. "Or five."

"I didn't hear any please or thank yous. I heard, 'Put them on there,'" complained Dade. The group of Fantasyers spent another hour or so trying to figure out how many more Goldoons needed to go on the scale. It was decided that four more needed to be put on. But Turf, Corky and Harry were out of Goldoons. "Fine. Grrr. And stuff." Dade placed four more Goldoons on the scale. The scale balanced and they could all hear rock grinding on rock as the doors opened in the other room.

"Bwa ha ha!" laughed Turf.

"It's open," celebrated Corky.

"Let's move on," matured Harry.

"We'll get your coins back on the way out, Sneak," consolidated Turf. Dade cried. "Bwa ha ha ha!" compassioned Turf.

76. The Hall of Bones

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