Part Seventy Four
Dade Reminds Them About The Cyclops

"Maybe we can sell this trading card for more Goldoons?" reluctantly helped Corky who really didn't want to give away his trading card at all.

"To who?" wondered Harry smartly.

"Good thinking, Corky. I'll give you one Goldoon for it," stupidly stupided Turf stupidly.

"It's not in the best condition," admitted Corky, "after Rocko crushed it in poo."

"Is it a deal?" asked Turf.

"But you already own it," reminded Corky.

"Oh, right," remembered Turf.

"I have a few more Goldoons but who is going to pay me back?" finally admitted Dade.

"Maybe we can sell the card to Dade?" decided Corky.

"Put them on there," pointed Harry. "Sheesh. What is having Goldoons if we die in here? Besides, there will be more treasure ahead."

"If we had Goldoons, we wouldn't die in here!" pleaded Corky in a panick.

"Well, I would like to mention," reminded Dade for the bazillionth time (and hopefully last), "now that some of you might listen: I DID NOT WANT TO FIGHT A CYCLOPS!"

"What?" not-listened Harry.

"I didn't want to come in here," repeated Dade.

"Don't worry. I'll fight it," heroed Turf. "You just have to open doors. I fight the monsters."

"But does anyone listen to me? NO. They just want my Goldoons," bittered Dade.

"No, we listen to our young hero," gayly replied Harry with stars and hearts in his eyes and his hands clasped close to his chest.

"Enough with the Cyclops! It was a trap, stupids!" yelled the voice, exposing his vile plan! "Ha ha! And you fell for it!"

"No we didn't. This is all part of the plan," smartly improvisationalized Harry.

"A plan to bore me to death?" yawned the voice.

"Yes, if I don't die first," also yawned Harry.

"My point, Mr. I Am Too Silly To Come Out And Play," pointed Dade.

"There's no Cyclops," finally realized Turf.

75. Harry Is Mean & Bad at Math

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