Part Seventy Three
Dade Gives In A Little Bit

"I wish I was rich! I'd open that door," power hungried Corky. "But now I don't even have one Goldoon to help even."

"Fine. Here are two Goldoons," gave in Dade, handing Turf's stolen Goldoon and Corky's stolen Goldoon to Harry. "Damn you all for stealing my money."

"Why'd I spend all my Goldoons on equipment?" lamented Corky. "I'm so stupid."

"I hate you all," continued Dade. "ALLL!"

"Wow, you were holding out," noticed Turf. Harry put the Goldoons on the scale.

"One of those was mine!" shouted Corky.

"Mine too!" reminded Turf as he put his last Goldoon on the scale also. The scale wasn't balanced. Still.

"Well, Harry should help too," helped Dade.

"What if we die in here?" spooked Corky.

"Good catch phrase," not helpinged Harry.

"What about with the rocks on there?" asked Turf not noticing Corky had taken them all out.

"I cleared out the rocks!" squirted Corky. "I thought I might find some Goldoons under the rocks. Put more Goldoons on there!"

"Well done, Corky," admitted Turf.

74. Dade Reminds Them About The Cyclops

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