Part Seventy Two
Does Anybody Have Goldoons?

"Yeah, the voice said listen to the Smart Guy, you sneak!" crazed Turf crazily.

"Oh and you're listening to voices now, are you?" doctored Dade.

"I sure wouldn't trust that voice," trembled Corky. "It sounds mean!"

"See?" defended Dade.

"Hmm," convincabled Turf. "I guess I need to think this through." He then sat down.

"Shouldn't there be Cyclops poop in here?" wondered Corky.

"Hello little fishie," blurted Dade.

"Glurgle glurg Grggle Llurg," responded the fish meanly.

"Maybe we should find out what those symbols mean," hardly helped Turf speaking about the ancient runes they were seeing on all the stone blocks.

"I bet they're old words," obvioused Corky. "I bet they mean, Turf Will Win."

"Yeah! Important old words. I like that slogan," decided Turf. "Harry, let's find out what those symbols mean."

"Uh oh," uh-ohed the voice.

"What?" scrambled Turf. Corky began removing all the rocks Turf had added to the scale.

"Corky, do you have a decoder ring on ya, by any chance?" asked Dade.

"I don't own any jewelry," poor boyed Corky.

"Don't worry, kid. As you and Turf get closer, you guys will exchange jewelry," hinted Dade.

73. Dade Gives In A Little Bit

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