Part Seventy One
Who Has Goldoons?

"Yeah! Let's put all our money in the scale!" shouted the voice in a whiny attempt to sound like Turf.

"Hey!" shouted Turf as barking echoed through the caves.

"Shush!" shushed the voice. The barking stopped.

"I used my last Goldoon already," whined Corky nostalgically.

"I think the Sneaky Guy is holding out on us," decided Turf.

"Sneaky Guy, put your Goldoons on the scale," patrioted Harry. "Our young hero has an excellent idea."

"Get Rocko's Goldoons," helped Dade, pointing over to where Rocko and Buster were doing very important and exciting things to, I mean, with each other and so couldn't be bothered to help out with this sudden mysterious puzzle.

"We need to pool our Goldoons," demanded Harry who had no Goldoons to pool so it was no money out of his gay purse.

"I just met you. You're not getting my Goldoons," thieved the Sneaky Guy mistrustfully (and rightly so, probably!).

"They don't have to pay now but they aren't going to get any treasure later either," explained Harry. "You're the sneaky guy, not the untrusting guy." Harry seemed to think there was a difference.

"I am sneaky guy, not trusting guy," rambled Dade thinking, like Harry, that Roller Players were one dimensional. And all of them (Rocko and Buster too!) proving it in every line! What jerks!

72. Does Anybody Have Goldoons?

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