Part Seventy
Turf Acts Like A Monkey

Turf began stacking rocks in the scale trying to get it to balance. His success was not any. The scale looked about balanced soon after Turf filled it with rocks and took his Goldoon back. "Is it open?" shouted Turf.

"It's not opened," screamed Dade.

"Use your stupid Goldoons already, you cheap bastards!" blasted the voice. "I want my artifact already! I mean, the Land Pirates are waiting! I mean, the Cyclops!"

"No!" yelled Turf.

"You tell him, Turf!" encouraged Dade holding tightly to his sack full of Goldoons.

"Hey voice! If you're so clever, why don't you open it?" reverse psychologied Harry.

"What is that voice talking about?" Turf provided as an example of his stupidity.

"Pirates!" screamed Corky in his outside voice.

"Yeah, neat," ass-scratched Turf.

"Turf, get some Goldoons from the non-moving guys!" inspired Dade.

"Hero, sometimes we must sacrifice a little now to get more later," wisely saged Harry because he was smart.

"Hey, I gave him my Goldoon and nothing happened," berated Turf.

"You really should let that smart guy lead the group, dumb-dumb Hero," antagonized the voice.

"Don't call the hero dumb. He's just young. He will learn," butt-kissed Harry. "We need to put all of our Goldoons together."

71. Who Has Goldoons?

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