Part Sixty Eight
Harry is Broke

Dade failed to unlock the door. "Darn it. I need another Goldoon to try again."

"So how come the door didn't open? Can I have my Goldoon back?" wondered Corky.

"Harry, give the Sneaky Guy a Goldoon," leadered Turf orderly.

"I don't have any," projected Harry.

"You big bunch of jerks!" boomeranged the voice.

"Voice, you can call me a jerk but not Turf," said the jerk, Harry.

"That's Mister Voice to you," corrected the voice.

"At least it has a sense of humor," laughed Harry hilariously at my great joke.

"Well, I guess I have to bash it with my shield," stupidly planned Turf dumbly.

"Hold on, I will use one of my Goldoons to try to open the door," planned Dade as Turf began running at the doors. "Never mind. Bash it," swore Dade. Turf slammed into the door and it didn't fall down. But Turf did.

"This is going to remind me of my college days, is it?" foreshadowed Harry of his past storyline.

"When no one listened to you?" wondered Corky.

"Zing! Nice one, Corky!" applauded Turf.

"Very funny, Sidekick," bravoed Harry.

69. Turf Has One Goldoon

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