Part Sixty Seven
Corky is Broke

"Hey Turf. I need a goldoon to open this door," schemed Dade.

"I have a Goldoon!" helped Corky innocently.

"Use Corky's," rationalized Turf.

"Corky, quick! Give me a Goldoon so I can open the door," stole Dade as he hopped back and forth on his feet eager to get his mittens on that Goldoon.

Corky handed Dade his Goldoon. "This is my last Goldoon! I have no more Goldoons!"

"Thanks," pilfered Dade.

"Well done, Corky," provoked Turf. Corky sighed. "You're a team player. That's why I keep you around." Dade pocketed the Goldoon and began trying to unlock the door.

"But I have this!" screamed Corky. "Can I keep it for myself, Turf?" Corky held up the Cocky I trading card.

"For now you may hold it," allowed Turf mightily.

"Corky, aren't you the sidekick? That should have made your day," cramped Harry.

"Oh, I'm unbelievably happy to be a sidekick," lamented Corky happily.

68. Harry is Broke

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