Part Sixty Two
Rock Around The Block

"Oh! Big stone block. You're nothing but a rock, rock, rock. Hope the writing gives some directions. Cuz this Hero ain't winning no elections!" sang Buster insipidly.

"Ewwww! Tell me all their weaknesses!" greeded Rocko.

"Tell the Cyclops about the contract on his head," said Harry hoping the voice would do him this one favor. Maybe the voice didn't even know the Cyclops?

"Show yourself and be done with the tough thinking part!" heroically demanded Turf.

"That will get him," Harry nodded Nelsonly. Harry and Dade noticed the writing on the block was incomprehensible to them and doesn't have its own font so you'll just have to imagine how mysterious and unbreakably cool it was.

"Perdy stone," admired Dade either sneakily or greedily.

Rocko prayed to The Bad God and then looked upon the stone. "Dammit," he said incomprehensibly.

"I have 6D6 Smarts. I think I can read it," bragged Harry. But he couldn't read it and his inability to read it made him hate himself. "Fag," he said.

"Nice try," said Turf about whatever they were doing that he had no clue about because he was so stupid.

"Come deeper into the dungeon and maybe you'll find the thing, er, the exit!" boomed the voice gongingly.

"Oh big booming voice. You are giving us no choice--but to kill you! Get him, Turf," sang Buster lousily.

"Ha! I heard that!" shouted Turf even though nobody doubted he could hear a voice that was screaming and echoing through the caves. "There's something more than an exit to this trap!"

"Like I said, perdy stone," re-admired Dade.

63. Looking For Mr. Cyclops

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