Part Sixty Three
Looking For Mr. Cyclops

"Well, let's go!" led Rocko.

"Yes," agreed Harry as they all headed deeper into the cave.

"Go on, Turf. As the Virgin said to you, 'Go Deeper.' Ha!" Buster said to nobody. Then he followed after them.

"I thought Turf was the Virgin," said nobody. I mean, Dade, who followed Buster after I thought he'd already done that. The group was stopped at the end of the passage which split to the left and the right.

"Shhhh," shhhhed Buster. "Me too."

"Buster is going to have to learn to sing with a fat lip!" threatened the virgin Turf. The group entered another cavern with a stone block in the center. Dade looked at it.

"This is a good party," observed Harry poorly.

"Come, owl and read this stone to me," waved Turf before realizing the rock had no writing on it and owls can't read. There was a statue of a scale on the block. One scale was filled with rocks (which were actually a carved part of it) and the other scale was empty.

"Damn riddle do hicky things," complained the Sneaky Guy.

"Who?" said Hedwig the owl (who wasn't a transexual, I don't think).

"Nice," complained Turf. Rocko placed his hand on the empty scale which dropped from the extra weight. "NO!" screamed Turf!

"Remember Indiana Jones?" explained Harry about some book or something.

"Let someone smarter and less important check it out," replied Turf, glancing askance at Buster.

64. What Happened To Buster?

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