Part Sixty One
Turf's Weakness

"Oh what happened to us? Trapped by a portcullis. Hope there is another way out. Got a great recipe for sauted trout," sang Buster.

Turf headed deeper into the cave. "Who laughs in here?"

Rocko laughed.

"Buster's song made me laugh," easily entertained Harry.

"Wouldn't you like to know, Dumb Dumb?" asked the voice boomingly.

"Hmm, is that a trick question? I thought I just asked that," pondered Turf.

"See all this dirt everywhere, Hero? Aren't you afraid?" smarty pantsed Mr. Voice evilly.

"But at least it isn't slimy shit," concealed Turf.

"Sure, look for traps, gee, oh, and yeah, let's go Cyclops hunting. That is such a swell idea," ranted Dade.

"Don't tell me the Hero has a dirt phobia," commanded Buster.

"The Hero isn't afraid to get the virgin dirty," nudged Harry talking about sex. Just then, they all noticed a big stone block in the middle of the room with writing on it.

"I'm smart! I'll read it!" roller played Jerry. I mean, Harry. Dade also walked up to examine the big stone block for Goldoons. And maybe traps, too.

"I know all about The Hero's aversion to dirt! I know all of your weaknesses!" pointed out the voice smugly.

"Smart guy, eh?" asked Rocko to either Harry or the voice.

"But how, Villain," wondered Turf unsmartly.

62. Rock Around The Block

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