Part Sixty
It's A Trap!

As the Fantasyers gathered in the middle of the large room, a large portcullis dropped behind them, sealing them inside the cave! It was a trap! The loud crash made Turf jump and Rocko rolled across the floor in full plate. Suddenly, a loud voice came booming through the cavern.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! You foolish fools! Could you be any dumberer?! Ha ha ha ha!" it shouted.

"Yes," trumped Turf. "I think we probably could be."

"You haven't met Buster yet!" retaliated Rocko.

"I should have noticed that trap," thought Dade.

"At least it's not a wild boar near a cliff," dead horsebeat Harry about something he should just forget about already. Valadeer is dead and he's not coming back! Deal with it, man! "How bad can it be?"

"Don't make me hate you, Harry," vengefied Dade, perhaps having something against wild boars near cliffs himself.

"You will never get out of this trap! Hmm, too bad you didn't bring any virgins!" shouted the mystery voice.

"I said, you haven't met Buster yet!" recycled Rocko.

"Well, no female virgins anyway," late to the punchlined Buster.

61. Turf's Weakness!

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