Part Fifty Seven
Remember Buster's Secret!

"See, now we have to save the farm and finish off the rats in the sewer!" claimed Buster using the word 'see' as his ultimate and unarguable proof of his statement.

"Okay," agreed Rocko.

"Nope!" disagreed Turf. "Cyclops."

"Or we could wait for more rats to appear while Buster tries to convince everyone to go into the stupid hole," stated Rocko.

"No Cyclops," returned Dade. Unless he said, "No, Cyclops." Which would mean something entirely different. So, maybe that's what the other Fantasyers heard.

"Cyclops now before I waste all my spell points on stupid rats," drawled Harry.

"Cyclops! Between Turf and me, we out vote you," debated Rocko who couldn't add seeing as how the vote was Buster and Dade for no Cyclops and Rocko and Turf for the Cyclops. "And Harry!" yiffed Rocko to make his first statement true.

Turf began walking to the Cyclops cave while Harry and Rocko began following him.

"Turf, a hero would save the farm," lectured Buster who really doesn't know anything about being a hero or life even. "Only dirty mercenaries do things for Goldoons. Unless mercenaries aren't in a supplement that is out yet. In which case, only the Sneaky Guy would do it for Goldoons."

"What about the contract?" asked Harry who somehow knew about that even though he wasn't even there at the time. Maybe he was eavesdropping. Or maybe he knows LEGObrick.

"The contract can wait," babbled Buster who wasn't a dirty mercenary but only a jerky contract breaker.

"Psst, Buster," pssted Dade. "Sneaky Guys don't work for the Goldoons, you know that, right?"

58. On The Way To The Cyclops!

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