Part Fifty Eight
On The Way To The Cyclops!

"To the sewers, men!" tried to lead Buster but nobody would follow because what kind of a leader ignores the Sneaky Guy anyway? Besides Turf?

"And our...ahem...responsibility to humanity and stuff," belabored Rocko.

"Yeah. Jerks," pouted Buster as he realized during his arguing he had followed along while fighting with them.

"Lol," lolled Harry and Rocko.

"Ha ha ha," lolled Turf more literaturally.

"Too bad, Fabio," condescended Harry to Buster. Maybe he didn't know Buster's name very well yet and thought it might be Fabio.

"I'll follow you," insisted Buster as if he had any power to do otherwise, "but I'm still gonna sing more about rats than cyclopses. Cyclopsi?"

The group of Fantasyers could see torches lighting up the entry cavern just inside the mouth of the Cyclops' Cave.

"Anyone need healing? I can do that real well," bragged Rocko.

"Me!" cried Buster impatiently.

"Nah, I'm good," spokened Harry.

"Cyclops? Anyone?" asked Rocko not getting a reply from someone who didn't mock The Bad God.

"Me! Oh, me!" lisped Buster as Turf drew his sword and headed in to the cave.

59. Buster Still Needs Healing, Part II

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