Part Fifty Six
Dade Thinks About Being Gay Too

"Maybe I should be a dancer," provoked Dade.

"You don't have the ankles, Dade," riduculed or helped Rocko. Probably the latter. Unless I meant former. That always confused me. So he probably meant the mean one.

"You know, in some cultures, the word bad really means good," obfuscated Harry.

"Blasphemy, Harry! You're lucky we're such good friends," bickered Rocko with his new companion.

"Yay!" screamed Buster as he played Tipped Doe Threw the Two Lips and the rat who had to listen to it lost its brain through its ears. "Yay!"

"My shield blow must have killed him," theorized Rocko as he tried to keep his own brains from leaking out of his ears because of Buster and his Ukulele.

Dade Thraid hunkered down low and began the Super Duper Sneak Attack at a Giant Rat. But seeing as how he had yet to master the skill, he failed and then he sighed.

Turf then did a double flip over Dade's head and brought his sword down to finish off the Giant Rat. Then he flexed.

"Nice poem, Harry," dreamed Rocko.

57. Remember Buster's Secret!

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