Part Fifty Five
Rocko Thanks Buster

"Lame!" screamed Rocko as the Giant Rat's teeth broke on his Holy Plate Mail. "O wow ow! My plate's shine is scratched!"

At this point, as Giant Rats are missing Dade and Turf in really exciting examples of Fantasy Combat, Rocko wanted to thank Buster for consigning them all to another rat battle. But he never did. He just wanted to.

"Or something," added Rocko.

"No extra rolls, too," mystified Turf to Buster as he strummed his Ukulele (and not in a dirty way like you just thought). A bolt battered the toothless rat in the head and dazed it.

"Nice," projected Turf.

"You're welcome, Rocko!" perplexed Buster.

"How so?" asked Rocko, perplexed.

"I nearly killed the rat that was scratching your armor," self-advertised Buster.

"Neat!" sarcasticallified Rocko. Then Dade attacked a Giant Rat and missed and Turf attacked a Giant Rat and cut its head off and everyone thought it was just the best battle they had ever seen on film.

"Ha!" shouted Turf.

"You'd think Rocko could Socko, just like his name. Turns out, Rocko's so lame. Can't even hit a rat. No rhyme can justify that," sang Buster.

"Hey, that's pretty good for a half-wit!" complimented Rocko as he batted away another Giant Rat attack with his Holy Shield. "The Bad God guides my shield!"

"Nice," probed Turf.

"Time to save Rocko from more scratch damage," sighed Buster as he annoyed everything with Ukulele sounds.

56. Dade Thinks About Being Gay Too

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