Part Fifty Four
Turf Knows Shit

"I smell shit," whined Harry.

"Check your feet," helped Turf who knew all the tricks when it came to stepping in poop.

"Don't worry, Harry! We'll be famous for saving the shit farm. Or, we would be, if we didn't have a half-wit singer!" motivated Rocko.

"Harry kill a rat by pinching! Much better than Turf's lame lynching. Time to name a new hero, Harry, a name to fear-o!" proved Buster that he was indeed a half-wit.

"Turf!" screamed Rocko for some exciting reason.

"Oooh. I never whipped it off," perplexed Harry inappropriately. "Wow, his singing is growing on me," said Harry, happy to be sung about in song even if it was a retarded song by a gay singer.

"Too bad your sidekick is retarded, Turf!" shouted Rocko who thought it was about time to be mean to Corky some more.

"Oops!" cheated Turf.

"Heroes don't cheat, Turf!" castrated Rocko. "Villains do."

"Our hero's a dumb dumb," belligerated Buster.

"So are you, buster!" retaliated Turf as he exploded a rat with his sword. "The real Buster!"

"I killed half of it," claimed Buster falsely. Probably.

"This is what you get for saving the shit farm," rewarded Rocko with his mean words. "Nice one, Turf." Rocko shook his head sadly and swung his mace at another Giant Rat.

"Sweet!" yelled Rocko as his mace was about to hit the Giant Rat in the head. But then the Giant Rat moved and his mace missed and he said, "Damn," instead. "I had my hand tied behind my back! I coulda been a contender." A Giant Rat chewed on his ankle.

"Ben is gnawing on you," informed Harry helpfully.

55. Rocko Thanks Buster

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